KOREANNOVATION - Korea Trade Show 2009, 500+ Innovative Products from 50+ South Korean Companies

Korea Trade Show 2009, 500+ Innovative Products from 50+ South Korean Companies, Price Advantages and Manufacturing Discounts

Eclectic Method: KOREANNOVATION video mashup

KOREANNOVATION video mashup by Eclectic Method ( Event is FREE to public: May 14 and May 15 Details and register for free at

Engadget: Paul + Ringbo

Paul Miller rides a Ringbo. He gets happy. You can read the article here:

Gearlog: Luxury Pet House: 21st Century Pet Pampering

Looking to out-pet-pamper your neighbor? Korean-based Autoelex may have the answer. Sure, it looks like the bastard offspring of a laundry hamper and a toaster oven, but the Luxury Pet House is actually the latest advance in pet spoiling--perfect if you have a lot of money to blow on a beloved beastie and don't mind encasing it in something that looks like it needs to be preheated for 45 minutes at 350 degrees.

Gearlog: Hands-on With Aza's Soundwalk Wearable Speaker System

"Current portable music players rely on headphones or earphones," states the release for the Soundwalk. Fair enough, but what exactly is the problem with that? Hearing damage, naturally. So, how do the fine people of the Soundwalk's manufacturers, the fittingly titled AZA Extremes, propose to solve this problem? By strapping a pair of speakers to your torso.

Nerve: Koreannovation '08: X-Cube - Modern Materialist's Modern Materialist, Alex Zalben, hits the Koreannovation trade show in NYC, and tries out the X-Cube, a dish/fruit/hand cleaner. For more, head over to

Born Rich: Pet Pavilion: Futuristic prison for your pampered pooch!

The world of luxury is going to dogs, literally. Why else do you see pampered pooches enjoying the best the world can buy? The Pet Pavilion is touted to be the ultimate luxury home for the pampered pooch. The den comes loaded with technical features including the PC-based incubation process management, ideal temperature and humidity settings, built-in infra red radiation, carbon heating element, antibiotic air filter to clear dust, carbon filters to keep the den smell fresh and a solenoid valve for ‘medical treatment’(whatever that means). While the touted features definitely look hi-tech, the design is unusually boring and literally resembles a microwave that’s ready to roast up the pooch. No word on the pricing, but you can get a feel of the product if you happen to be at New York’s Koreannovation show on May 14th and 15th. I would rather let my pet wander around wagging its tail happily than lock it up in a hi-tech prison.

Tech Digest: Pet Pavillion: just in case you're crazy enough to think your pet needs incubat

One look at the Pet Pavillion and you can't help but think of the urban myth about the old lady who successfully sued the microwave company when she cooked her dog, attempting to dry it after a rainy walk. Pet Pavillion: Luxury Pet House Or Doggie Death Chamber? [Gadgets]

It may look like a pet microwave, but the Pet Pavilion is actually a luxury pet house designed to pamper your pooch and keep it healthy. As you might suspect, this device is loaded with features that surpass the living conditions of most humans—nevermind your average pet. Features include: PC-based incubation process management, ideal temperature and humidity limits, a built-in infrared radiation and carbon heating element, an antibiotic air filter for removing dust, a carbon filter for odors and a solenoid valve for "medical treatment." Naturally, there is no word on when the Pet Pavillion will be released or how much it will cost. However, it will be on display to the public at the Koreannovation trade show in NYC from May 14th-15th. [Koreannovation via Gearlog]

Luxury Launches: Pet Pavilion Pet Incubator & Hotel

Well this device wont toast Fi Fi but this odd looking device from Korea will create the perfect environment for sick Fi Fi or any other pet be it a cat, dog or bird to get better. When your beloved pet is not feeling well just pop it in and you can control the chamber's humidity, temperature, lighting and ventilation all the way to a speedy recovery. At $10,000 a piece the Pet Pavilion Pet Incubator & Hotel is surely not for everyone.

Korean Trade Show 2008 - Consumer Electronics

The Korean Trade Show 2008 will feature many products in the Consumer Electronics Catagory. These products range from sleek and stylish speakers to innovative and intelegent children toys.

Korean Trade Show 2008 - Product Preview - IfeelU Inc

The IfeelU Inc EX2s are the first 2.2 Headphones that do not require the use of batteries or an external amplifier. The vibration and volume level can be controlled separately.

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